Ecstas Online – v1 epilogue



After that, a grand celebration was held inside Infermia.

And a party was shot up high.


Hell Sector was unexpectedly happy and《LOYALTY》raised up, along with the Demon Lord’s forces morale rising up as a whole.


『With this condition, I’ll go crazy! I won’t do it even today!』


Aikawa-san was in a good mood. Drinking sake she got from the kitchen, she’s been drinking since yesterday morning inside my room, and haven’t sleep at least once. I mean, she was made to go out all night long, as for me, I’m lacking sleep. I’m getting sleepy.


「Doumeguri-kun! Carry this debris for me!」


「O, ou」


Asagiri pointed at a mountain of debris. Uhm, it’s about three meters in height though.


I was beside the guild hall, cleaning up all the debris. It’s hard work alright. But isn’t this, mostly Shizukuishi’s fault?


Thinking of such things with a dying expression, Asagiri came up trotting.


「What’s wrong? Don’t feel down. Or are you feeling sleepy?」


「Y, yeah」


Right now, the 2A guild is currently supporting by reconstructing Caldart that fell. The NPC’s appearing out of nowhere, also began moving to rebuild the broken city. Although it looks like we’re saying nothing here, the people of Caldart’s awareness for their city is strong. As the results of the consultation, we decided to cooperate by helping reconstruct Caldart.


「I told you, that was the Demon Lord’s schemes! It’s not my fault」


In such a situation, Ichinomiya was trying to pass off an excuse to everyone. But everyone became suspicious, staring at Ichinomiya with cold eyes. Ogiya who was pouting, turned sideways unhappily.


「NoーAkira-kun and that woman were doing such erotic things, it’s the truth that we weren’t able to do itー」


「I told you! Those were not my intentions!」


Busujima and Miyakoshi looked at each other with a hated expression.


「Eh, but, it did look like he was massaging her breasts」


「That’s right. It was disgusting. Trying to escape from your responsibilities」




Ichinomiya who clenched his fist, shook his shoulders.


….Seriously, man. I’m sorry.


「It’s rough isn’t it, Akira-kun」


「I guess Asagiri doesn’t blame Ichinomiya for that huh」


Though Asagiri’s appearance is strange. Because, after the defensive battle of Caldart, Asagiri’s appearance did not change. Moping off like Shizukuishi, she was more lively.


Even though I made her go through such a cruel experience….it’s still something that can’t be talked about.


「Un. Somehow, what Akira-kun is saying, I feel like I can understand what he means」


Asagiri who faintly blushed. My chest hurts.


「I don’t remember much but, something… me too, uhm, had something like that in a dream」


I was at risk here, nearly falling to my knees and prostrating.


「It was somehow like I was being touched by a demon-like monster……ah! But, I don’t get it well, but I feel like I’ve seen it, something like that? Therefore, what Akira-kun said, it might be true」


It’ssssssssss a dreeeeeeaaaaaaaammmm!


Certainly, I felt that the aphrodisiac effect of the succubi was awfully strong……my heart is very nervous to the point it might stop beating, because it was a momentous decision for me!


「But, if what Akira-kun is saying is true, I can’t forgive the Demon Lord Hellshaft」
[TL Note: Like hell you were going to forgive him anyways…. dumbass]


Asagiri’s eyes suddenly turned into a sharp expression like a knife. To that cold light, goosebumps ran down my spine.


「Him alone I cannot forgive. I’ll absolutely defeat him, and return to the original world. That’s what I’ve decided」




「From now on, Doumeguri-kun, lend me your power too! Together, we will defeat the Demon Lord! Then, thank you for cleaning up the debris!」


Asagiri who was awfully laughing, ran towards another work site.


……Iyaa, the Asagiri from earlier really was scary. If she found out I’m Hellshaft, I’ll seriously be killed. If it wasn’t a dream, if Asagiri realized that she really did receive those erotic treatments……even if she can return to the original world, won’t I get stabbed?


「You’re in the way」




Shizukuishi came out from the partially destroyed guild hall. Going down the stairs, she stood behind me before I knew it.


「S, sorry」


Oiーavoiding me, I can’t say, but I’m a gentleman. Please, just please disappear quickly. Promptly.


Ignoring the voice inside my head, Shizukuishi looked up at me.


「Doumeguri-kun……at the time of the Deog tribe’s subjugation, you met the Demon Lord, didn’t you?」


You’re talking about this, right now? Aah, I guess it was because she had withdrawn for a long time…..


「Meeting him I mean…..appearing in front of me, the moment I thought that, my consciousness faded. Probably, I might have been killed in an instant」


Shizukuishi muttered something trivially.


「I see. To revive normally, I guess Doumeguri-kun isn’t a monster」


「That’s what I’ve been telling you…..」


Good grief, at least now the doubt is cleared up……I mean, I’ve able to deceive her, is a correct answer. In any case, this concludes my conversation──Was what I thought but, she didn’t leave. What the hell, are you doing.


「Hey, Doumeguri-kun, about the Demon Lord……What do you think?」


For an instant, my heart jumped. What, are you trying to say here?


What I think, about the Demon……Lord.


Shizukuishi who was expecting something, gazed at me. It might also just be my imagination but, it seems that her cheeks are a little red.
[TL Note: A MAIDEN IN LOVE!?!?!?!]


As a member of 2A, I could openly expose my anger at her. Screw the high tension! This bastard! Expecting something!


「The Demon Lord, that is! Uhmm, that is……」


Remembering what I did.

After logging inside this world, I resurrected like a revolving lantern.

I wonder what it was?


I am,

Why am I doing all this?

To help everyone out, I’m preventing the game from being cleared.

It should have only been that.


No, it should be the only thing I’m doing now.

Wondering that, somewhere──


「……Really the worst. Doing such cruel things. Lying…..betraying us……doing such horrible things, destroying the city, and killing innocent people. Truly cowardly──」


Noticing it incidentally, Shizukuishi was staring at me with eyes that had the intent to kill.

Eh? What? Did I do something, or say something boring?

Shizukuishi who had a hated expression, threw out words from her mouth.


「Truly a trashy-type guy. You’re the worst!」
[TL Note: Oh fuck. She found out it was him. SHIT son.]


Echoing, she departed.


「Indeed, even though I understand nothing, about Hellshaft-sama….」
[TL Note: What the what?….. DID SHE JUST SAY HELLSHAFT-SAMA!?!?!]


W…..what? Just now──?


Shizukuishi’s figure that was departing, I stared at her dumbfoundedly.




Asagiri’s voice was heard from a distance. From head to head, I could see her hand waving at me.


「I forgot to mention this but, we’ll be having lunch inside Dancing Unicorn! Let’s eat together with everyone!」


Asagiri who had a smile on her entire face, I responded by putting up my hand.

Returning back to reality, I’ll think about things.

Coming back to Infermia this evening, there was a strategic meeting.





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