Hainemakoru News #6

Hello there, another huge news that you guys need to know about since this will be affecting the page.


Alright, so there has been quite a lot of suggestions in what I should do with the site, since as you all know, I’ve started putting down ground rules on each chapter, and what I mean by ground rules, is things to combat other novel sites that are putting my translations without permission from me.


And, but not just that, you guys have also suggested to me about some things that are needed for this site or is not needed.


Some of your suggestions you guys have given to me were:

  • The Navigation Bar’s ‘<‘ and ‘>’, since they’re not in the correct positions.
  • Separate next chapter, last chapter, etc, which has been added. But the only problem was that the ‘grey-ish’ ones still remained, so I’ve removed that.
  • Having Disqus as the main form of discussion, I’m not sure about that just yet, I’ve tried it in my last website, did not go so well, but I’ll wait for more opinions on this post about it.
  • NIGHT MODE – This one is seriously needed, to which I’ve already added during the Maintenance earlier.
  • And some have said the Navigation Links are irritating, I’m sorry, but I can’t remove that until I find a better one to compare it to.
  • Mozilla Firefox’s Article/Reader Mode, and also includes Text to Voice add-on for it — Just for you guys, I’ve already removed all of the watermarks, but if there still is any left, please tell comment here.


That’s all I’m here today, if you have other suggestions, please don’t be shy enough to not tell me about it, I won’t bite after all, well often.