Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c21

CHAPTER 21: Simple Perseverance Needed in Work


Our designated place wasn’t far from where we were.

It would have been great if we could see it soon, thinking so, Shina shook her head,


「In a contracted relationship, we’ll have to move on the spot at some point, but moving during the night is a problem. Since the activities of the monsters that are nocturnal have been particularly active」


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Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c19

CHAPTER 19: Friend’s Verification


It seems that people from different worlds don’t have their own goals. But,


「Even if there isn’t any, do you do this every time when you head to a town?」


「Since he’s been to this place before, he’s probably caught up in something somewhere…..」


「But, wouldn’t he go visit some neighborhoods in the town along the way?」


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