Is He A Hero? Yup – c4

CHAPTER 4: The Hero Has Gone Mad?


We gather around the conference room of the Kingdom of Kuupurum and King explained the situation.


「Hero-dono, I thank you again for having to be summoned to save the kingdom’s crisis. Our kingdom is surrounded by the Demon Lord’s subordinates and is in danger of becoming extinct. I would like to have you look at this map.」




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Is He A Hero? Yup – c3

CHAPTER 3: Hero Summoning


Within the Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Kuupurum. There was a summoning ceremony carried out by the King and Court Mages.


「King!! Court mages! In your positions!」

「O~! The Goddess replied! We thank you, God!」


With the few tools I lost that were needed for the summoning, I was worried whether it would succeed or not but it became a success somehow.



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Is He A Hero? Yup – c2

CHAPTER 2: Story Introduction Two


What happened last time. I died and I was summoned by a Goddess. She took care of my family that I left behind and helped them in a lot of situations.


And the Goddess now wants to go over to the main topic.


「Hero, you’ve already noticed this, but since you’re sufficient to become a Hero, you’ll be reincarnated to a different world now.」


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