Ecstas Online – v1c3

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 3: The Realistic Hierarchy Cannot Be Changed In The Game


I who was simply alone, was walking along the grassy plains.


I left the Infermia, the Demon Lord’s Castle, and it’s already been three days. Walking through the wasteland, passed through a forest, crossed a mountain, crossed a river, and crossed through another mountain again. Even after three days and three nights, it’s still an online game after all. When I thought a day has already passed by, it was nothing more than just around an hour.


It was truly 24 hours a day.


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Ecstas Online – v1c2

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 2: Exodia Exodus


Let’s calm down and think about our situation.
[TL Note: If you’ve read up to part 10 already, write ‘part 11-15’]


An educational system using the next-generation VR was brought by to school by a supplier. It was for experimental uses, but this was the result.


「Wa wa wa wa wa~! This is a party! You guys, go sing and drink!」


Gracia was drunk, jaunting on the table and acting all violent.


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Ecstas Online – v1c1



While in deep sleep, an electronic noise that was so soothing was then heard.


…..Are, what’s this? When did I sleep?


My consciousness gradually begins to become a lot more clear, but it is still dark right before my eyes. I’m planning on opening up my eyes, but what happened in the first place? Is the World Heritage data still not loading in?


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Ecstas Online – v1 prologue



「Hey… if it was me….would Doumeguri-kun…?」


The sun rises up, and as Asagiri Ririko blushes and asks me as she looks down and fidgets.


From last year, Asagiri Ririko, who ranked first place on the Miss Minamimyojin High School, wants to be my girlfriend. Is this the double prize I’ve been waiting? Furthermore, it’s only the two of us in my room.


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