Ecstas Online – v1 special



It has always been a problem, so I decided to take measures in the matter in question.


「Elevator… wanted, yes?」


Adora asked me once more with a dubious expression.


「Correct. The tower which stands at the center of Infermia, it is as high as 200 meters. However, there exist only stairs. This is a serious situation」


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Ecstas Online – v1c6

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 6: The Defensive Battle of Caldart


「So, what happened to the girl?」


Aikawa-san who was cleaning the storage room that hasn’t been used for the past 200 years, handled it all alone. Moving the baggage, her mopping the stone floors with her well-experienced hands.


And since the door is locked, I wouldn’t need to worry about someone telling me to lower my voice down. From the window comes in the rays of the sun from daylight, as the dust was reflected and glitters.


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Ecstas Online – v1c5

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 5: Hell and Heaven


Returning back to Infermia, I immediately called in Hell Sector and held a conference.


The conference room on the upper layer of the tower at the center of Infermia was something only accessible to Hellshaft himself and Hell Sector. It was only a place for only five people, quite truly a large conference room. The width was between twenty to thirty meters. The length of the slim room was approximately beyond 100 meters. The ceiling also being tall, it was at least ten stories up.


One side of the very walls was a widescale window, and designed to overlook the entire territory. There, the red moon shines in the star-filled sky, it truly was a magical night.


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Ecstas Online – v1c4

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 4: A Single Night with Only Two People


「That girl certainly is someone I need to watch out for」


Aikawa-san crosses her arms.


Uhm, could you not sit on my sofa without permission? Otherwise, or I will return Aikawa-san to the slave room afterward, and I will sit down on the sofa while thoroughly enjoy Aikawa-san’s ass. It isn’t so bad. You can sit after all.


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