10,000 STEPS – c40

CHAPTER 40: The Mother’s Materialization


After the tournament, I face Mimily’s parents outside of the Colosseum.


「By the way, Mimily. Why are you in the Royal Capital? Are you sightseeing?」


「Different. Because mother and father didn’t come home, I left the village to search. Tetsuya and Aria are my fellow adventurers」


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10,000 STEPS – c37

CHAPTER 37: Training for the Tournament


The next day.
I took Eri to the reception in her ghost state.
At first, the receptionist was frightened at seeing Eri who was translucent, but she was safe to enter without causing any trouble.
Eri just kept on smiling and smiling, and it was still broad daylight.
Even if she was a ghost, it wasn’t exactly frightening.


Then the remaining days were used in order for Eri to be able to control her magic easily.
While on the flying bed, we went to a place where there was no one, that was it won’t be a nuisance.


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10,000 STEPS- c36

CHAPTER 36: Kiss on the Cheeks


The follower day after playing on the clouds.
In order to test the degree of ability of the Ghost Materialization skill, I decided to cooperate with Eri.


「Eri. Stand there for a moment. I have something I want to test.」


「I understand.」


And with what, Eri became translucent again.
And then, she becomes unclear.


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10,000 STEPS – c35

CHAPTER 35: Cloud Wars


「Oh, this was delicious! I was eating something and it was wonderful!」


Eri who finished eating her fruits and sandwiches looks over at the scenery and said contentedly.
Though the taste is normal
However, since it’s a scenic skyscape, it’s a pleasant thing to talk to others.
And above all that, Eri finally had a meal after ten years.
It would be wrong to not find it delicious.


「Eri, has a terribly huge appetite! Although I bought quite a lot, it was gone in a moment!」


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