10,000 STEPS – c46

CHAPTER 46 END: Our Journey has just Begun


「Wow, that was a tough fight.」


An entire day passed since that fight.
Aria who was idling on the bed muttered as I was thinking.


「Un. At that time, I thought I would lose.」

Though, it was such a fight that Mount. Kalba disappeared completely.
Since we still can not get out of being fatigued, we’ve always been laying on the bed since coming home.
….Well, it feels like the usual.


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10,000 STEPS – c45

CHAPTER 45: Super Level-lease


「Take this….Absolute Beam that Kills Humans!」


A beam flew from the Ryūjin.
Regardless of its name, it has tremendous magic in it.
If that hits anyone, they’ll die even if they weren’t human!
Nevertheless, I have to make time for Aria and the others or they’ll die.


「Everyone, you go ahead!」


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10,000 STEPS – c44

CHAPTER 44: Big Pinch


「Iya~, to actually beat the Old Dragon. As expected of Sasu Tetsu. It’s the Sasu Sasu Tetsu.」


「It was cool~. When we go home, you can mofumofu me all you want.」


「Onii-chan, onii-chan~. Uwaaa~ onii-cha~a~an!」


「Ku~tsu, to beat the legendary Old Dragon by yourself….What kind of man…!」


Everyone who got off praised me.
Well, this time around, I was doing my best so I’ll accept the praises.
Praise me more!


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10,000 STEPS – c43

CHAPTER 43: The Beam that Kills the Old Dragon without Fail


The Legendary Old Dragon.
Even though I saw how Aria and Mimily were scared, I honestly didn’t mind it.
I’m thinking of beating it by myself with one blow.
But, the moment I saw a black big body which was at the top of Mount. Kalba, I broke a cold sweat.


First of all, it’s huge.
The entire length from head to tail surely exceeds a hundred meters.
And it was told that the dark miasma surrounding the body was an intolerable presence.
Perhaps, a soldier or adventurer might die in the march by just approaching the miasma.


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10,000 STEPS – c42

CHAPTER 42: March Start


Urgent QUEST.
Accompany the Nivurea army and subjugate the Old Dragon.
Just by participating in this quest, you will be given five gold coins.
And bonus will be given to those that were found to contribute especially towards antiquity.
However, this is not the Guild’s rewards, but the Nivurea army who will pay after the subjugation of the Old Dragon.


The contents of the quest were overhung in the Adventurer’s Guild.
By the way, all other quests were cut short and canceled.
In any case, I could feel the strong will-spirit of the entire kingdom knowing that I have to defeat the Old Dragon with full power.


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10,000 STEPS – c41

CHAPTER 41: The Old Dragon’s Revival.


That day.
At the Royal Palace, an unusual crisis occurred.
All the members of the Nivurea Royal Knights gathered.


Usually, the Nivurea Royal Knights act according to their own judgments.
Of course during an emergency――For example一A large monster can’t be handled by the common adventurersーWhen appearing, the king may lose his life directly.
However, it is extremely rare for all 50 members to be gathered together.
It was Rosetta’s first experience after joining five years ago.


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