10,000 STEPS – c45

CHAPTER 45: Super Level-lease


「Take this….Absolute Beam that Kills Humans!」


A beam flew from the Ryūjin.
Regardless of its name, it has tremendous magic in it.
If that hits anyone, they’ll die even if they weren’t human!
Nevertheless, I have to make time for Aria and the others or they’ll die.


「Everyone, you go ahead!」


I stop and turn around to the beam that absolutely kills humans.
The level difference is approximately 50,000.
It is impossible for me to win but….At least it should earn enough time so everyone escapes.


【That’s absurd!】


Shut up menu screen.
Put out a defensive barrier skill.


【….I understand. But it will only last a few seconds.】


I’m prepared for that. I am not heroic enough to think about the entire human race.
I’ll be satisfied if I can just go back to my bed.
Therefore, even if I am alone, I’ll be trying to protect my favorite girls from such a scenario.
If you want to say it selfishly, say it. If you want to laugh, then laugh.
However, there’s no other choice than to do this.


「It’s useless, Tetsuya-san! You’re a person who shouldn’t die now!」


The moment I try to expand my defensive barrier.
Among the beam that absolutely kills humans, there was a small shadow that slid in.


[TL Note: Oh shit, not the best girl! What the f**k?]


Aria received the beam that absolutely kills humans when it should have been me instead.
As for the result, I don’t know.
It was instant death.
[TL Note: F**king shit, what the f**k?]


I rush to her who collapsed and lifted her.
Her breathing stopped.
And her heartbeat too.
There was no response even if I called to her.


「Uoo ~o~o~o~o Aria ~a~a~aaaa!」


While screaming,




I used the Skill of Resurrection.


「A~, good morning, Tetsuya-san.」
[TL Note: You f**king cunt, you do this to me, really? REALLY!?]


Aria resurrected!
Eh, why did she die?
Was it the atmosphere?


「Ho…..So you can use Resurrection magic. Don’t do it for the humans. You are way stronger than the Hero five-hundred year ago. But….I will kill all of you together with this next blow!」


The magic power released by the Ryūjin rose up to the point it wasn’t able to compare the one before.
It’s impossible to prevent this any longer.
On the contrary, this mountain will disappear.


「Ku~tsu…is this it?」


「Tetsuya-san, thank you for everything. After encountering Tetsuya-san, every day was really enjoyable….」


「Thanks to Tetsuya, I was able to meet my father and mother. Thanks.」


「If onii-chan wasn’t there, I’d always be alone in that house….Thank you, onii-chan!」


「Ku~tsu, Tetsuya….Because of this situation…I might as well say it. I like you!」


Everyone who already accepted death tells what they were thinking.
However, the blow of the Ryūjin didn’t come.


「……Not yet?」
I listened to him.


「Fuwawawawa! As expected, it takes time to charge up. Just stay there you feared humans!」


「It’s taking it’s time!? I confessed to Tetsuya thinking I don’t have much time, but now I have to spend a little more time awkwardly…..Ku~tsu, kill!」


Throwing Rosetta.
It’s okay because I will accept Rosetta-san’s love!
Though I’d like to say that, how can I get through this situation?


【Tetsuya, calm down. You can manage if you use the skills you gained when you reached level 10,000.】


Mumu? What skill is it?


【It’s this! Super Level-lease!】


Let me explain Super Level-lease.
It is a skill where you can copy and pass your level to your partner if you kiss them.


……What, it didn’t say share but copy!


In the lower-class Level-lease, my level decreased as I shared levels with my partner.
But in this case, everyone here can become level 10,000!


「Rosetta-san! You don’t care if I kiss you right!?」


「Na~tsu, in such a situation!? No…. this is my last chance! Then come!」


Aria, Mimily, and Eri shouldn’t listen.
Then we started to kiss.


N chi ~yu, chi ~yupa… … N ~tsu, ne chi ~yu… … N, n n ~tsu, ha~a… … Chi ~yu (with the others)… …


With this, everyone is at level 10,000!
The total is 50,000.
Mumu, approximately 10,000 more.


【Then it’s my turn!】
[TL Note: I’m f**king happy right now, LMAO…. YES YES YES, MENU SCREEN-SAN!]


Menu screen, what are you doing!


【When you reach level 10,000, the menu screen gains the ability to materialize!】


W, what was that!?
As I was surprised, a maid with an enormous bombshell breasts with glasses appeared in front of me!


「W, who is this person!」


「I will explain later, Aria-sama. Come, Tetsuya-sama. Kiss me too!」


「Yossha ~a~a! Berochū!」


The total is now 60,000!
It now matches the Ryūjin.


「W, what magical power….! However, it is my win!」


「I wonder about that. Let’s go, everyone!」


We will confront the Ryūjin.
And a fierce battle――





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