10,000 STEPS – c44

CHAPTER 44: Big Pinch


「Iya~, to actually beat the Old Dragon. As expected of Sasu Tetsu. It’s the Sasu Sasu Tetsu.」


「It was cool~. When we go home, you can mofumofu me all you want.」


「Onii-chan, onii-chan~. Uwaaa~ onii-cha~a~an!」


「Ku~tsu, to beat the legendary Old Dragon by yourself….What kind of man…!」


Everyone who got off praised me.
Well, this time around, I was doing my best so I’ll accept the praises.
Praise me more!


「Rosetta-san. Since you already know, the Old Dragon is dead, so please tell the advancing troops. You can leave.」


「A~. But will they believe me….?」


Indeed, certainly.
A man who’s unproductive and always in a bed has killed a monster which the kingdom was going to subjugate with the power of the entire kingdom.
I would never believe it if I were them!


「Anyway, let’s go home. The rest is not our job. Even if they don’t believe it, the Old Dragon’s corpse is right here.」


Aria is right.
Assuming that they didn’t believe, if they just advance to this place, they’ll be able to tell.
Nevertheless, the continent is saved.
I can do it again from tomorrow.
That’s the most important thing.
[TL Note: He means he can save the continent again by tomorrow]


「Yoshi. let’s return. I feel like taking a bath.」


We are on the bed.
Rosetta-san is straddling her dragon.


Everyone was relieved.
But, then.


The back of the Old Dragon cracks. And miasma gushes out.
「W, what is it….!?」


Aria spoke aloud at once.
And then, it all went silent.
So much…. so much of something weird came out of the corpse of the Old Dragon.


Such black miasma or fog spreads, such a thing spreads, gathers and settles….and it shaped into a person.


「……Kukuku. Hello, dear humans who’ve destroyed my outer layer. I give you my thanks. Thanks to that, I’m able to complete my form.」


The gathered black miasma was the figure of a tall young man.
I looked at his level and my mind became blank.


Level 60,000.


No matter how many times I confirm it, it’s the same.
Indeed, the digits are different.
This. What’s going on/
It was supposedly an Old Dragon that was sealed here.
I don’t believe the man who does not understand the reason.


「You, who are you….?」


I barely squeezed out the words from my mouth.


「Who is? Foolish question. I am a Ryūjin. A dragon that becomes an Old Dragon then eventually evolves into a Ryūjin. After the very long seal, I absorbed your blow and finally became a Ryūjin.」
[TL Note: Ryūjin is Dragon God.]


Suddenly a new setting just came out!


Or rather, the Beam that Kills the Old Dragon without Fail, what’s going on!


【Though I say it can annihilate the Old Dragon, the Ryūjin is a different matter.】


Then let’s make it happen to kill the Ryūjin too!


【That’s impossible!】


Oh is it.
Fuck, my level is only 10,000. The opponent is 60,000.
I don’t have time to topple the difference of 50,000.
If this happens….for the time being.
「Let’s run away~!」


I cry out.
So everybody came to their senses and turned our backs from the Ryūjin and ran away like rabbits.
If I ran away this way, I’ll be able to reach level 60,000.


「Kukuku…. fools. Did you think I’d let you escape? I will destroy all of humanity and make this ground the paradise for dragons.」


From my rear, enormous magic could be felt.
Dangerous. With this, everyone will be annihilated.
Should I stop and let everyone else escape!?
However, if I die then the human race will be over!
What do I do!


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