10,000 STEPS – c42

CHAPTER 42: March Start


Urgent QUEST.
Accompany the Nivurea army and subjugate the Old Dragon.
Just by participating in this quest, you will be given five gold coins.
And bonus will be given to those that were found to contribute especially towards antiquity.
However, this is not the Guild’s rewards, but the Nivurea army who will pay after the subjugation of the Old Dragon.


The contents of the quest were overhung in the Adventurer’s Guild.
By the way, all other quests were cut short and canceled.
In any case, I could feel the strong will-spirit of the entire kingdom knowing that I have to defeat the Old Dragon with full power.


However, not all adventurers participated in this quest.
The opponent is the legendary Old Dragon.
Life is precious for everyone after all.
But, if you don’t defeat it then the country will perish. And it’s a great opportunity to make a name for yourself.


Such speculations were complicated, and the number of adventurers who finally participated in the quest exceeded over two-thousand.
This seems to be like one-third of the adventurers in the Kingdom of Nivurea.
And adventurers who are active in neighboring countries have come to arms.
[TL Note: Someone, please tell me a better way of ‘joining arms for battle’]


However, the neighboring countries’ army won’t come to the rescue.
There are rumors that after the defeat of the Nivurean army, they’ll defeat the Old Dragon damaged from the fight and selling favor to the Kingdom of Nivurea.
I admired adversely to not forget about political tactics even if an opponent has the possibilities of eliminating the entire continent.
If I was the King, I’d send soldiers out immediately.


「Tetsuya-san, please look. People are lining up. The army is beginning to march.」


「Well, since thousands of people are marching, they’ll become slender.」


When I went to school, I felt an impression where lines of students moved to the assembly hall in a slimline.
We are currently looking down from the bed and there’s a huge line with two-thousand adventurers and three-thousand soldiers.
I have no idea how long the line is.


「Is that the Captain of the Royal Knights?」


When I first met Rosetta-san, she was on a small dragon.
A group of fifty people with the same appearance were walking on the front lines.
When I thought Rosetta-san was also there… one of the Royal Knights flew with the dragon towards us.


「I knew it was you. No matter how far you are, I can tell by one shot.」


It was Rosetta-san who flew to us.


「A~, it’s the Royal Knight-nee-chan.」


Eri who saw Rosetta waves her hands from the top of the bed.


「G,ghost girl…!」


A, by the way, Rosetta-san isn’t good ghosts.


「It’s all right, Rosetta-san. Eri is a good ghost.」


「Whether it’s good or bad! Anyway, I’m scared!」


I wonder what a person like her who’s going to fight the Old Dragon would be scared of ghost girls.
However, it may be that a fighter dislikes cockroaches, and the Old Dragon is fine, but ghosts aren’t so useless.


「It’s no use. I’ll materialize Eri until the Old Dragon revives.」


I canceled Eri’s ghost mode.


「Na~….The ghost has become a human….?Tetsuya, have you always been able to do that?」


「I became able to do it.」


「Fumu…..If she’s materialized…well…it’s not scary…」


Rosetta gazed at Eri while nodding hesitantly.


「By the way, what’s up with that Magical Girl-like costume?」


「It’s not just like, it’s a Magical Girl!」


Eri poses with a doyagao along with showing off her small breasts.
[TL Note: ‘doyagao’ is like a smugface, look it up]


「It’s the costume that I choose along with Mimily-san! It’s cute, isn’t it!」


「We raised a Magical Ghost Girl with us.」


Aria and Mimily hugged Eri from the left and right.
Even so, these children, three days ago they were like 「Old Dragon is scary」but now they’re totally fine.


「By the way, I heard there was a ghost who was dressed in a Magical Girl costume in the Monster Tournament and fought….Is that the work of yours?」


The rumors of the Magical Ghost Girl Eri seems to have reached the ears of the Royal Knights.
Produce more and someday, you’ll go live!


「By the way, Rosetta-san, you’re in the march right, so is it okay for you to leave the formation and come to such a place?」


「The Captain told me to reconnaissance Mount. Kalba. So, in the clear sky, I saw a flying bed, so I thought I would take you with me.」


「I see. We’ll accompany you.」


So we went ahead of the main troops and flew to Mount. Kalba.





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