10,000 STEPS – c38

CHAPTER 38: The Second Ghost Appears!


「Tetsuya-sa~n, Er~i!」


After the round was over, I heard a cheeringly sweet voice from the audience and looked to see who it was. There was a blonde girl waving her hands in the front row.


「Oh, Aria and Mimily. You were watching from such a close range」


「Fufufufu. Well, that’s because it is time to see the Magical Ghost Girl Eri’s success!」
[TL Note: Changed Mahou Shoujo Ghost Girl to → Magical Ghost Girl, because I just noticed my stupidity]


「We brought up Magical Ghost Girl Eri after all」


Aria and Mimily embarked from the audience and sent us a victory sign.
Eri also smiled and returned a victory sign.
[TL Note: Originally, it was a V sign, but you know… it f**king sounds weird]


「Eri. There is still time after the next round, should we go to the audience?」


「Un. I’m interested in how other monsters fight too」


That being said, me and Eri didn’t go to the waiting room but to Aria.


「We’re over here」


Aria calls out to us in a loud voice.
A little embarrassing.


「A~, Joey was in such a place!」
[TL Note: It’s originally Joi, sorry I never mentioned it before, but I felt like it’d be better to call it Joey]


The stuffed bear that Eri always held was occupying a seat.


「I thought Tetsuya-san would come so I saved an extra seat」


I thought it would become a problem…. but it’s not particularly full, so is it okay?
Only the front row seems to be full.


「However, even if I move Joey aside, only one of us can sit down」


「It’s okay, onii-chan. First, onii-chan sits down, then Eri sits on the lap, and Joey sits on Eri’s lap!」
[TL Note: Yup, it DEFINITELY wouldn’t look weird at all!]


「Mumumu. Sitting on Tetsuya’s lap is envious! But since Eri is the leading role today, I will allow it!」




While thinking it couldn’t be help, I moved Joey and sat down on the seat.
Suddenly, Eri came up with her butt and sat on my lap.
She’s currently in ghost mode, so it’s cold.
And I thought about hugging her, but I’ll just pass through her body.


Then, materialize!
Yosh, I can now feel the temperature from Eri’s butt.


「I’m being hugged by onii-chan!」
[TL Note: NO YOU’RE NOT! He’s planning on eating you later!~ GOD!]


「Gu~u~u… I’m envious and jealous!」


Aria grits her teeth and looks over to me.
She seems to be seriously jealous.
An unmistakeable guy.


「Both of you. Why don’t you stop playing around and watch properly?」


Mimily muttered.
While we were playing around, the next round began.
However, their levels are too low compared to Eri’s, so I honestly don’t care if I can’t see it.
The one on my lap, Eri is a lot more important!


「Mo~, onii-chan, that’s ticklish~」


「Sorry, Eri was just too cute, so I unintentionally…」


「Gununu! When it comes to this…. I’ll become the Magical Ghost Girl!」


No, don’t become a ghost, Aria.
Because you’d have to be dead.
Even if you don’t become a ghost, I’ll be affectionate to you!


「Aria really likes onii-chan!」


「Of course! I’m a huge fan! I respect him! And I want to be his bride!」


「But, Eri also loves onii-chan, so I won’t hand him over~」


Between Aria and Eri, a crackle of fireworks scattered.


「Stop fighting or I’ll have to the both of you up」


「As expected of onii-chan. Sasu Tetsu. But Eri wants to monopolize everything, regardless of how many onii-chan’s there are!」
[TL Note: Let me be your onii-chan!]


What, a hundred of me?


「E,eri! Don’t say that! Ah, Aria, you’re having a nosebleed!」


「Wa uwa~!」


「Here, handkerchief」


「Oh, thank you very much, Mimily」
[TL Note: Never told you guys this, but, Aria says -san for Tetsuya and Mimily, and Eri too, so…should I add it for Eri and Mimily?]


Aria wipes out her nosebleed with the handkerchief she borrowed from Mimily.
Even so, the femininity of… Aria crawling on the ground to gush out a nosebleed due to her delusions of a reverse-harem.



And the final match of the first set began.
Speaking of which, there were only 15 monster participants in the waiting room, would the rest be in time for their match?


「Oh, they entered!」


A golem that was nearly 3 meters tall came out from a far-off gate from where we were sitting.
The level is 53. It was the strongest one among the monsters inside the waiting room.


On the other hand, a translucent woman came out from the other gate.
Nani!? [TL Note: Omae wa mou shindeiru! I had too, sorry]
There was another ghost that participated other than Eri!




Mimily who saw the translucent woman suddenly muttered to herself.
The voice that reached the woman looked up at us.


She was a beautiful woman with silver-hair cut around her shoulders.
She had a fox’s ears growing from her head and it twitched on the spur of the moment.


「Ara…..? Arara, well if it isn’t Mimily. Why are you here?」


Contrary to Mimily, who was in a panicked situation, the translucent woman was calm.
Apparently, the two were parent and child.
That reminds me when I first met Mimily, she said she wanted to search for her parents because they didn’t return home while traveling.
It was an accidental reunion here…. but, Mimily’s mother, who was translucent, was dead!?


「What, did you say Mimily!?」


Then, from the entrance of the arena, a beastman appeared.
Mimily who saw that shouted 「Father!」
A family reunion.
However, the dad wasn’t translucent.


「Oh, Mimily, long time no see. I didn’t expect for us to meet in such a place. Are you doing well?」


「I am fine, but…. Mother, why is she translucent?」


「Ufufu. Can’t you tell? Mother died」


Her mother said that in a relaxed tone.
Mimily who heard that stiffen with a blank expression.
Normally, if you heard that the mother you were looking for was dead, you’d be grieving.
But, how would you respond when there’s a ghost in front of you and she’s smiling nonchalantly?
I won’t understand that, but Mimily seems to be taken back.


「So, that was that…..」


Mimily who barely understood was sitting on a seat.


「There is a story I will tell you when the match is over」


Mimily’s mother tells her as she goes up to the middle of the arena.
The match started.
Her mother shot offensive magic and made the golem unable to fight in a blink of an eye.


S, strong…..!
And she’s level 250!
What does this mean!?
I thought the highest level you could reach was level 100, even if you dedicated your entire life!?


This is bad.
Eri can only control level 200 magic.
There’s a level 50 difference, and the time limit of level-lease is only three minutes.
A minute passes by as the desperate situation worsens.


「Onii-chan, that person is strong than Eri…..?」


Eri muttered while on my lap.


「A,a…..there’s a huge difference. Perhaps, we will win the final match… what will you do? Since it’s a battle between ghosts, you may not be able to nullify the attacks unlike before. Do you want to give up?」


If we give up just before the finals, we’d be in second place.
The runner-up’s prize money was ten gold coins, so it’s still fine.


「Onii-chan, Eri will do it. Because I practiced for a week! Even if I lose, I will give it my all!」


Eri said something cool.
However, I’m worried.
Since even a ghost will disappear if purified.
However, since the opponent is Mimily’s mother, I think she won’t do it to the point she is purified.


「Mimily, Eri will fight your mother. Okay?」


「….It’s fine. I won’t be able to sleep at night as I’m anxious to why mother is a ghost」


The reunion with her mother, it still hasn’t been evening.


「Then, let’s go directly to your mother and father! Let’s go to the waiting room!」


Aria caught Mimily’s hand and started sprinting really fast.
I and Eri followed.
When we entered the waiting room, Mimily’s mother and father were waiting.


「Ara, Mimily. Welcome」




Mimily leaps to her mother.
But she was a ghost.
She passes through her translucent body and falls on the floor.


「Mo, Mimily, you have to be careful. Aren’t you already fifteen years old?」


That’s wrong, mother.
[TL Note: He says okaa-san here.]
When you reunite with your mother for the first time in a while and has become a ghost, anyone would be restless.
Because it’s not the setting where you have to be careful.


「I have a story. When your mother fell into a pitfall in the dungeon, she died. And when I noticed, I was already a ghost」
[TL Note: She talks in first-person, then third-person then back to first-person]


I see. The story was fast.


「Sorry, Mimily! Your father…. I couldn’t protect your mother…!」


Mimily’s father grieves with regrets.


「….But, mother is here」


「Oh, that’s right. That’s why father don’t be sad」


「I’m not sad……」


「Well, it is terrible. Since your wife and mother died, it’s nothing heartless」


Mimily’s mother puts her hand on her cheeks and laughs 「Arara」
This is a weird situation!
You should be more saddened!
I mean, she is dead!
I think it’s difficult, but do your best!


「By the way, these people are? I wonder if your Mimily’s friends?」


「Yup, friends」


「Ara, ma. Thank you for taking care of my daughter」


「A~, e, likewise」


Because she bowed down to me, I also lowered my head and bowed….These coming days… I don’t know what will happen.


「Onii-chan, it’s time for the next match, let’s go!」


「Oh, I see…..Then we’ll be leaving, excuse us」


「Wa~i, do your best!」


「I’ll do my best~」


Ghosts waving at each other.
Such easygoing dead people.





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