10,000 STEPS – c37

CHAPTER 37: Training for the Tournament


The next day.
I took Eri to the reception in her ghost state.
At first, the receptionist was frightened at seeing Eri who was translucent, but she was safe to enter without causing any trouble.
Eri just kept on smiling and smiling, and it was still broad daylight.
Even if she was a ghost, it wasn’t exactly frightening.


Then the remaining days were used in order for Eri to be able to control her magic easily.
While on the flying bed, we went to a place where there was no one, that was it won’t be a nuisance.


Therefore, I went to the wilderness with the usual people.
Seems like Mimily is working hard today.


「Please look at this before you begin training! Yesterday, I went to the city with Mimily and bought this one!」




Aria and Mimily took something out that looked like clothes from the storage space in the bed.
When did they put this in?


「This is for Eri the Magician! It’s a Mahou Shoujo costume!」


「There’s even a cloak and a triangular hat」


Then Eri jumped up and down joyfully.


「Amazing! Cute! This is for Eri? Both of you, thank you!」


I’m delighted at the unexpected gifts.


「No problem. Let’s put it on Eri! Therefore, we’ll have to change your clothes!」


「Un! But right now, I’m in ghost mode so the clothes will pass through. Onii-chan, let me materialize!」




Even so, the clothes she’s wearing and the stuffed animal is strange since it’s materialized.


「Onii-chan! How long are you going to be watching! I’m changing right now, so turn around!」
[TL Note: What if onii-chan doesn’t want to!]


「Ah, sorry. I didn’t notice.」


I then turned around.
From behind, I heard Aria crying.


「Eri, don’t you like Tetsuya-san? Why don’t you want to be seen naked!? That’s weird!」


In response, Eri refutes.


「Aria is the strange one! I love onii-chan, but it’s embarrassing to be seen naked!」


「Eri is correct. Rather, Aria is a slut!」
[TL Note: 痴女 < This means slut, or can also mean whore… yeah]


Mimily agrees with Eri, and I think so too.


「W,what are you talking about, Mimily? I’m not a lewd woman! I’m just at that age to be interested in these sort of things!」


「Saying in such a loud voice, you slut」


「Slut… Aria was that kind of person…」


「Eri, don’t look at me like that!」


I can’t exactly see her expression, but I can tell what kind of expression she’s making.
These three need to hurry up on changing.
It’s really boring that I’m the only one facing a different direction and keeping silent.


「Onii-chan, sorry to keep you waiting! You can turn around!」


Turning around thinking at last――an angel was standing there.
A cloak and triangular hat. Mahou Shoujo clothes and holding a stick with a star at the end.
How cute~!


「Ee~! I look like a Mahou Shoujo appearing in a picture book! How do I look?」


「You look good, too good!」
[TL Note: Too good you’d want to **pe her? BASTARD!]


When we arrived at the cosplay photo party, there were people gathering so that the injured people would come out.


「Mumu~ Tetsuya-san is becoming a mess. I made Eri a little cute… but I can’t stand this cuteness at all!」


「Agreed. When she appears in the Tournament in this costume, she’ll be the one with most attention」


「It may be slightly embarrassing…」


Eri who was praised holds up her skirt and fidgets.
Kuuuu~! I’ll die of moe!


「Yosh! I will inform the Royal Capital of the strongest Mahou Shoujo Eri with her cuteness and strength at the Monster Tournament!」


When I canceled materialization, she goes back into ghost mode.
As expected, the Mahou Shoujo cosplay became translucent.


「Are? When I’m in ghost mode, I wouldn’t be able to kiss onii-chan?」


Mumu… for sure.
Well then, as usual, *teku teku*


【Skill Able to Kiss Ghosts was acquired】


Kiss on the cheeks.
Now, the training begins!


「Tetsuya-san, please tell me. Even yesterday, you did not kiss me?」


「Un. That will have to be later, it’s time for Eri’s training」


「Muuu! After we began living with Eri, I feel somewhat distant from Tetsuya-san!」


「No, I haven’t been distant. Well, it’s certain that I have been spending time a lot with Eri. But it is not only me, is it? Even Aria and Mimily are devoted to Eri」


「If you just said that!」


Aria just now seems to have noticed it, it makes me feel relieved.


「It can’t be helped since Eri is so cute」


Mimily nods in agreement.


「I was alone for a while ago… eh, I’m happy now!」


Eri laughs.
It was purely accepting joy.
Looking at Eri’s smiling face, my heart begins to feel relieved and soft.



And finally the day of the Tournament.
The meeting place is the huge Colosseum in the Royal Capital.
It seems like this place is usually used for various events such as fencing tournaments, battle tournaments, circus, and theatres.


And today’s Monster Tournament, there are 16 participants.
Although there seems to be less, it’s difficult to catch and monster and tame it after all.
If I think about it, I won’t be able to do it either.
Though, they are easy to defeat.


「Then Eri and Tetsuya-san. I and Mimily will be watching in the audience, so please do your best!」


[TL Note: Fight!]


As they said that, Aria and Mimily head towards the audience.
Anyway, only a participating monster and the master can enter the waiting room.
I am registered as Eri’s master.


「Onii-chan, let’s go to the waiting room!」


Eri, who’s a Mahou Shoujo (though translucent) said while swaying her cloak.


「Ah. I’m looking forward to what kind of monsters there will be」


When I went inside the waiting room, I found a slime, a horned rabbit, a golem, and others.
As long it’s a capturable monster, it would most likely be here.
As I tried verifying the levels of the monsters, they are all between level 30 to 50.
We will absolutely win!


However, the masters of the monsters inside the waiting room looked at Eri and had an expression that said 「We will win this!」
No wonder. Eri’s appearance is that of a cute girl, and she’s translucent.
However, Eri is a Mahou Shoujo ghost who’s already able to control level 200 magic.
With these guys, it’s straight up suicide.


「Hey! Are you perhaps the one fighting against me and Sura?」


「puru puru puru puru」
[TL Note: Really, a slime?]


A man who brought a slime that was around 1 meter tall talked to me.
That reminds me, in the tournament list, Eri’s opponent was a slime.
Because it was a slime…. I was being careless and didn’t notice.


「Yup, it looks that way」


「Wawa. I thought that we’d have a tough time in the first round, but if the opponent is this cute ghost, this round is ours. Right, Sura?」


「puru puru!」


The slime moves swayingly. It looks delicious.
[TL Note: Nothing like a good taste of s**** liquid in the morning]


「I’ll tell you this now, my Eri is strong」


「That’s right. Eri is strong」


「Well, I’m looking forward to the round. We’re in round one so we will start right away」




The slime and its master head towards the exit with a winning expression on his face.
Well, therefore understanding the tournament, either one of us could be correct, assuming that he’s strong… Though there might be 16 participants here, there’s only a total of 15 participants even if I put the master of that slime.
I wonder if he’s going to be late?
[TL Note: Tetsuya is saying that, even if the tournament list says 16 participants, there is only 15 left because it’s already a victory for Tetsuya and Eri]


「Onii-chan, let’s go」


「Ah.  Do your best, Eri」


「I won’t try so hard so I won’t kill the slime, so I won’t do my best」


That’s right.
一Level 100 will be enough to give to her.


And so the first round starts from now on.
I could only reach the entrance of the Colosseum, so I kissed Eri’s cheeks and added level 100 to her.


「Now go」


「I’m off~!」


Eri cheerfully goes to the arena.
And the sound of the gong starts the beginning of the round.
Sura suddenly comes around her body.
Naturally, it passed through Eri’s body.


「Ku~! As expected of a ghost! However, Sura can use magic!」




A small fireball is fired from Sura, and Eri appears and flies.
However, Eri swings her magical stick around like a bat and returns the fireball.


Eri who’s in her ghost form cannot move something naturally.
Even if she touches it will only make it cold.
So, to look like it was shot back, she used the skill of reflection.
As expected of a level 100, it’s strong.


Then Sura who got hit by his own fireball he made was blown off the battlefield.
Then, counting to ten.
Eri’s victory.


「Yatta~! Onii-chan, did you see?」


「Ou. You were wonderful, Eri」


Eri jumps up and down.
The audience cheered from here and there whether they were deceived by the cuteness of the Mahou Shoujo ghost girl.


Under circumstances, the master of Sura embraced his monster and said 「You’ll remember this」 and left the arena.





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