10,000 STEPS – c35

CHAPTER 35: Cloud Wars


「Oh, this was delicious! I was eating something and it was wonderful!」


Eri who finished eating her fruits and sandwiches looks over at the scenery and said contentedly.
Though the taste is normal
However, since it’s a scenic skyscape, it’s a pleasant thing to talk to others.
And above all that, Eri finally had a meal after ten years.
It would be wrong to not find it delicious.


「Eri, has a terribly huge appetite! Although I bought quite a lot, it was gone in a moment!」


「Ehm, Mimily was good, so it’s okay isn’t it?」


「Because I want to eat a lot and grow bigger!」


Though Mimily was gluttonish from the beginning, when she met Eri, it seems like she’s decided to eat more nutritious replenishments.
However, will someone who’s remained small at the age of 15 suddenly grow bigger?
I really can’t stand imagining a big Mimily for a while.


「Well, since you’ve finished, are you going to return?」


「Wait a moment, onii-chan…. I came all the way up to the clouds, so I want to play together!」


「Even if you say play……」


No matter how large or thick the clouds are, riding on them is not possible


「No… wait, maybe…」


I tried to walk on top of the bed.
When I did, sure enough.


【You have reached level 1496】
【Skill Getting On Clouds was acquired】


This really is convenient.
By doing so, the skill’s name is suitable.


【Sorry. It’s difficult to think.】


No, it’s fine if I can use it. Thank you as always.


【It is a great honor to be praised.】


By the way, how do you use this skill?


【Direct your hands to the clouds, and believe that you can ride, then you’ll be able to get on it.】


I see. As usual, it’s simple and understandable.
So be it, let’s get on!
As I believed, light rushed out from my palm and hit the clouds.


【This will be okay.】


Really? If I jump on, will I fall to the ground?


【Please believe me!】
[TL Note: Poor menu screen-san]


…..I understand, I believe you.
I’ll jump on it.


「Oi, Tetsuya, what are you trying to do!」


「That’s dangerous, onii-chan!」


「Fall. Fall.」


Looking at me who tried jumping off of the bed, the three girls hurriedly clung to me.
And because of that, everyone fell off from the bed together.
And we fell on the clouds, and we didn’t fall through.
The clouds properly accepted us with the feeling of cotton candy.


「Wait, what’s going on! I thought the clouds were like water vapor!」


Aria is sitting straight on the cloud and widens her eyes in bewilderment.
Mimily too was speechless.
I’m surprised by myself using this skill.
Only one person, Eri who hugged her stuffed animal Joey was splendidly jumping up and down.


「Amazing, just amazing! The picture books I read a long time ago were real! We can ride clouds!」


Eri makes a dive for it in the clouds and falls down as she laughs.
It looks fun.
Looking at Eri, both Aria and Mimily finally seemed to have returned to reality. They stood up and nodded what just happened and with consent said.


「In other words 『Sasu Tetsu』 happened again!」


「Sasu Tetsu.  This phrase will explain everything of this word. Useful.」


Eri came to us and shouting out 「Sasu Tetsu」 together.
Hmmm… I’m afraid I’m just too convenient, but I am afraid….If these girls are pleased, is it really okay?


「Look at this, look! You can tear through the clouds to shreds!」


Eri made cloudballs out of the clouds.
And she threw it at my face.
It didn’t hurt at all, it was rather soft and pleasant.


「Snow, no cloud wars, let’s play cloud wars!」


Oh? This sounds fun.


「There’s only four people so it will be a two on two」


「What about the rules!?」


「We don’t have to decide that properly? Let’s just go with it.」


As I said so,


「Please wait. At least forbid Eri from flying through the sky.」


Mimily raised her hand and spoke.


「Etto, that’s no good. That’s a special skill of Eri’s」


Eri suddenly puffs her checks and swells.
However, can she fly even in her materialized state?
I feel like it’s the impossible.


「Eri, why don’t you try just a little?」


「Eh, why?」


「Well, just do so.」


「Un.. I’ll do it because it’s onii-chan’s wish.」


Then, Eri nodded and…..


「Are? I can’t fly! Why?」


I thought so.
The materialized state of Eri is no different from another ordinary human.
There are no ghosts after all.


「Of having to become materialized, and able to touch everyone, your powers as a ghost disappeared. So you won’t be able to fly even if you did want to. But, you will be able to play cloud wars fairly with this.」


「Mu~ I guess there’s no choice.」


Eri was a bit dissatisfied, but there’s no helping it.
Even I prevent myself from using the flying skill, adjusting to being the same as everyone.


「Aria, Mimily. Since Eri cannot fly through the sky, you two will be able to throw at Eri gently. But if you throw with the strength of a trained adventurer, even the cloudballs would become dangerous.」


「I know at least that much.」


「I know, I will do the same!」


With that all done, the cloud wars started.
The cloudballs flying with such texture does not hurt no matter where I hit it.
Still, everyone runs around because they want to win.
As I thought, Eri ran around laughing happily.


After continuing the cloud wars for some time, I will make a castle and use it to play around.


【The skill that lets you be on the clouds will soon expire.】


When evening came, the menu screen said that.


「Okay. Shall we go home soon?」




「I’m tired of playing.」


「……Eri….is sleepy…」


For the first time in a decade, Eri who played around with her materialized body for the first time seems to have run out of strength, and fell on top of the clouds and fell asleep.
I pick her up and put her on the bed.
Aria and Mimily who looked at Eri’s sleeping face, poke her cheeks.
However, these two were also tired and fell asleep in the bed.
[TL Note: MC, this is definitely the best time to do what you were obviously planning to do, bastard.]


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