10,000 STEPS – c34

CHAPTER 34: Picnic on the Clouds


As I got out from the bath, I tried so hard to get the bed I left in the garden back inside the house.
If it was vertical, it would certainly be possible to get inside the entrance….Okay, okay!
Which room should be the bedroom?


「Nee, onii-chan, you can get this bed to float in the sky, so won’t you fly with me?」


Eri who came over and jumped on the bed as she saw it in the hallway.


「Hmmm…. I had a hard time getting this into the house…」


「It’s okay, the balcony’s windows are big, so it can easily get out.」


「Eh…. there was such a big window…. if you told me that before it would have been a lot easier.」


「Because you didn’t ask.」


Is that so?


「Are you heading out? We’ll also go!」


「I’m hungry. I want to eat rice.」


Aria and Mimily arrived while wiping their hair.


「Rice…. that’s a bit too early in the afternoon, why don’t you buy something else in the city instead and bring it to a place with a wonderful view.」


「That’s a good idea, Tetsuya-san! It’s a picnic!」


「Picnic! This is Eri’s first time going on a picnic!」


Is that so~ Did you die before having to have a picnic?
However, since you’re here, I will take you anywhere.
[TL Note: Yup, ‘anywhere’ as in dark alleys where there’s no one. God damn you.]


「Alright, then everyone. Please get on the bed.」


And as the flying bed picked me up along with the three girls, it goes out the balcony.
I then buy a water bottle in the city and put water inside.
I also bought sandwiches and fruits.


Everybody seems to see us moving in the bed, but it seems Eri is also having fun.
[TL Note: Tetsuya’s talking about the crowd]


「Everyone, before when we saw Eri, we were frightened…. but we haven’t run away since.」


The face that passes as being delightful, is something that you shouldn’t run away from.
Carrying Eri along, the bed soars through the sky.
[TL Note: So…. what you’re saying is… if there’s a really really really cute girl, and she’s so beautiful, but she turns out to be a murderer and will likely kill you before you can have the you-know-what with her, you don’t run? Okay..]


「The city keeps getting smaller and smaller in no time!」


「Hey Eri, because you’re a ghost, can you fly with your own powers?」


「I can’t fly fast. I was afraid so I could not fly sky-high….. but, when it is this bed, I feel safe, I wonder why? It doesn’t sway at all, and I don’t feel any wind.」


It is because this bed is protected by a wind barrier, so no matter how fast this bed goes, we will not be blown off by the pressure.
As a result, we can stay comfortable.


「By the way, where are you heading?」


Mimily mutters while grazing her stomach.
It seems like she wants to eat as soon as possible.
However, there was one thing Mimily said.
In the view, there aren’t that many wonderful places in the sky.


「Then, we’ll eat while flying?」


「Let’s go, onii-chan, let’s go to the top of the clouds!」


「Oh, that’s good! Eating rice on the clouds is extraordinary!」


Aria seems to approve Eri’s idea.
If we take the bed to the clouds and hover at the same speed, it would feel like we’re riding the clouds.


「Which clouds do you think are good, Eri?」


「Etto, that perfectly round cloud!」


Directing the bed to the cloud Eri pointed at.
The height is around 2,000 meters.
It looks considerably far.
And not to mention, the cities and the streets extending from there, along with the villages and forests are becoming farther away.


The three girls were delighted at the sightseeing, staring their heads from the edge of the bed.
In that time, I put the bed on the round cloud and set the speed the same as the clouds.
This would now feel like you’re having a picnic on the clouds.
[TL Note: Wait till someone pushes you off because you kept looking down in the cities, just watch…..]


「Let’s go, guys. Let’s eat now while looking at the scenery. But be careful not to fall off from the bed.」
[TL Note: Or it would mean your death.]


「Even if I am an adventure! I’m not unskillful enough as to fall from such a big bed!」


「Though, onii-chan’s bed really is big. There is even room even with four people being carried. And if I put Joey, it’s five!」
[TL Note: Joey’s the teddy bear]


That being said, Eri put down the stuffed animal that she was hugging on the bed.
It still is big.
After all, it’s a king-size bed.
I bought this alone for the very purpose of my life, but I have never imagined a day with three girls would be on board. And they’re all beautiful girls.
In a sense, I am more amazed than going to a different world and flying through the sky!
[TL Note: I will kill you, you’re even that lucky to go to a different world, fly through the sky, but you’re surprised at the fact you’ve got three lolis with you? Damn you lolicon.]


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