10,000 STEPS – c31

CHAPTER 31: Eri, the Ghost Girl


「Kyaaa! There’s a ghost!」


Whose scream was that?
Perhaps me, Rosetta or Aria?
Perhaps everyone, since it was all similar.


Rosetta shakes of the white hands by grabbing her legs.
And she sweeps it away with the sword thrust into the floor.


「Ugh, die! Ghosts can die!」


She’s agitated.
However, it’s the expected reaction. Even if I suddenly get gripped on by a ghost, I’ll act violently.
But since ghosts are already dead in the first place, they won’t die even if they are stabbed by a sword.


「….Why did you tell me to die?」


A figure of a human growing from the floor answers Rosetta’s cries.
It was a girl around the age of ten.
A white sundress, contrasting the dark hair of hers with it.
The appearance of a human that is hugging a stuffed bear seems to be in vain.
Moreover, she has quite a beautiful face.
No, this is not because the girl was beautiful to why I was shivering, but she was translucent.


「Spirit! It’s a spirit!」


Rosetta who saw a genuine ghost swings her sword at the ghost girl.
There is neither sword techniques or hesitation.
It’s a rampant, like a child, acting all violent.


And, not one of Rosetta’s attacks seems to scare the ghost girl.
The attacks were not evaded, but it just bypasses it.


「Damn, this is cowardly! Receive my attacks straightforwardly!」


「Rosetta-san, Rosetta-san. Let’s just calm down a little, that ghost girl seems to be quiet.」


「Yes, she is. She’s such a cute ghost too, I’m sure she’s a good ghost!」


「She’s smaller than me, I like her.」


We soothe the Rosetta who was acting violently.
Then she finally stopped her movements.
Whew, I’m tired of this.
But thanks to Rosetta, we were calm, so there were results.


「Well, for the moment, I will sheath my sword, but…. I will not trust this ghost!」


She said so while hiding behind me.


The ghost girl began to stare gently and silently.


「…Er, are you the ghost who’s living in this house?」


When I asked, she nodded *kokuri*.
And as she did that, she hugged the stuffed animal with more power than before.


Hmm… What do I do?
I acquired the skill Ghost Buster earlier.
If you look at the description, the skill defeats ghosts in just a single blow.
However, I can’t bring myself to beat this ghost girl.


「We’re planning to live in this house, but….?」


Since I don’t know what to do, I hit it up with a question.
The ghost girl’s face stained a cheerful smile suddenly for some reason, even if I do say myself when I thought this was a foolish idea.


「You want to live in this house? Want to live with Eri!?」


The ghost girl floats suddenly and moves towards me.
Her being translucent, however, does not change.
But, the frightening atmosphere faded when she began to smile.
I can only see her as a vigorous child anywhere.


「Is Eri your name?」


「Yes, I am Eri. And this is Joey.」


Eri got her stuffed teddy bear and introduced it.
Joey was translucent as well.
[TL Note: Not sure if I should call the stuffed teddy bear an ‘it’, ‘her’, or ‘him’, but seemingly finding out it’s translucent, I’ll just stick to it for now…]

「Okay, thanks, Joey. So Eri….Why are you living in this place?」


「Well, this is the house of Eri. It is natural that Eri lives here.」


[TL Note: She  sees herself in a third-person view, thus why she says Eri, instead of ‘I’, ‘me’, etc]


Eri makes a guts pose and a face that seemingly says it’s natural.
The tone is rather old-fashioned.
Nevertheless… Is it in the possessions of a spirit?
Don’t you realize that you’re dead?
This is rather difficult to listen to.


When I was in trouble, Mimily thrusts my hands around Eri’s flank.


「It passes through? It doesn’t seem to touch.」


「That is natural because Eri is a ghost.」


Oh, even the ghost understands her position?
That’s good.
With this, I was troubled with a various amount of things if I was told I’m still alive.


「…..I am Joey and two other people. Papa and mama died…..People come here occasionally, but they run away when they see Eri. Even though Eri only wanted to play together….」


「Okay, so that was that. You were just lonely.」




「Alright, Aria, and Mimily. Let’s move here, is that okay?」


「Of course! Even if it’s a ghost, if she’s cute, then it’s justice!」


「No problems. If a child smaller than me is near, I’ll be seen as relatively tall.」


Alright, it is decided.
This will be our new house.


「Just wait a moment! Are you seriously thinking of living in a haunted house?」


「Oh, it’s just Rosetta. Your opinion does not count, Rosetta-san.」


「Well, that’s true, but….. well, I know this ghost isn’t evil, but don’t you think you’ll be able to get along with me!」


Rosetta who was making a speech jumped out of the house.
As expected of a Royal Knight, they run fast.


「Rosetta is quite a weird person, isn’t she?」


「Birds of a feather flock together. Well, everyone except me.」


「Mimily is also quite strange.」


「Quite extraordinary.」


Mimily who was recognized by Aria as a strange person moves her ears.
Eri stared at both of them looking all that happy with smiles.


「Well then, I will go to the real estate agent to form the contract, then I will pay off my former rent. Wait until tomorrow, Eri. Because I will prepare everything for the move in a hurry.」


「I understand. I’ll be waiting, onii-chan!」


Onii-chan….. I’m an onii-chan of a ghost!
Maybe, this is a harem constitution?
[TL Note: I-it’s not like it’s weird not having a ghost girl calling you onii-chan or anything!… Cops, come quickly.]

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