10,000 STEPS – c29

CHAPTER 29: Rosetta’s Weaknesses


「So, what kind of place do you have in mind?」

「As far as I’m concerned… a house where three people can live without inconveniences, and if possible, the cheapest house in that genre. The budget is 100 pieces of gold coins, so we’ll be able to rent it out for quite a while. Though we can’t buy a house with just 100 gold coins alone.」


As for the value of one gold coin, it’s around 10,000 to 20,000 Yen.
This would mean our budget would be around 2 million Yen.
You’d be quite worried if you’d be able to buy a house with just 2 million Yen alone.
You can probably could in the countryside, but this is the royal capital.


「There is a house for 100 pieces of gold coins」




From the staff’s word, I opened my mouth unconsciously.
Aria had the same reaction as me.


「This is the sketch plan, I recommend getting this property!」


As I saw the sketch, the house looked so splendid.
It’s a two-story house and is wider than your average Japanese single house.
Moreover, it has a garden.
There’s even a bath.


「I’m curious about this house. Usually, you’d need more than a thousand gold coin to get a house, but this is only worth 100 pieces of gold coins. There must be some reason?」


Rosetta was eying daggers at the female staff sharply.


「Wel… that is….」


The woman who was being glared at by a knight trembles with fear.
Although, Rosetta. Why are you still here with us?
一Even though we don’t live together.
Perhaps, you want to play with us?
The Royal Knight Order are most likely wanting to kill time.


「Why are you trembling in fear? Keeping secrets from me, who’s a knight? If there was something to this house that you’re selling to these three people, I will not allow it in the name of Rosetta Holy Lance」


Rosetta glares a lot more.
Even if it’s me, I’ll be scared to escape.


The female staff being glared at would not stand a chance.


「Well… in fact… in this house… a ghost appears」


Ah, it’s crowded.
As far as I know, ghosts are disturbing whether it’s being clingy or not.
If you’re in your bed and sleeping, you’ll be frightened and pee in the bed.


Aria cries out 「Ghosts?」 with widened eyes
Mimily also 「Ghosts are scary」 as her ears keep twitching.


But it was Rosetta who reacted the most to the word ghost


「Y-y-you, are you a ghost?!」


Rosetta-san slipped off from her chair as her face was pale.


Is it that?
Perhaps, this might be useless with a ghost?
Wait. People would be the more unusual ones to even love ghosts, but this reaction is a bit of an overkill.

……This is gonna be fun!


「Rosetta, even though you’re in the Royal Knight Order, you’re scared of ghosts?」


I asked her with a straight serious face.


「Do not say stupid things! Such a thing cannot!」


She becomes bright red and denies everything
What a stereotypical reaction. Thank you.


「Then let’s head to the haunted house together, and maybe we can get rid of the ghost.


「No… no… I still have to go back to my duties soon… and you, forget about the haunted house and look for a more proper house! Unless you find a proper house, I won’t go out and play with you!」


「Why can’t you come and play inside a haunted house? Are you still afraid?」




「Then we’re set! Don’t you think it will become a problem there being a haunted house in the royal capital? I think this should also be listed as a knight’s duty to solve this problem.」


「Ku….Well, you understand!」


Rosetta yells out with her shoulders angrily


「Well, is that all? Then, let’s go.」


「…….Okay! Let’s get rid of that ghost in the name of Rosetta Holy Lance!」


While inside the real estate agency, Rosetta declared her remarks while raising her sword and trembling.
Complete desperation.
Aria and Mimily who saw this was saying「Cute…..」with their mouth’s aligned.
Umu. It feels like Rosetta’s personality is regretting her choices now!

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