10,000 STEPS – c28

CHAPTER 28: Senses of shame


At that very moment, my fingertips hit a wall that was like a rock.


As Aria and Mimily filled the paper bag with fruits and cheese, they finally came back.


「Isn’t that Rosetta-san? It’s been a long time!」


「Although it has been quite some time Aria, it was actually only been a week since.」


Both Aria and Rosetta exchange greetings with each other.Such an intimate moment.


一On the other, Mimily,「People who saw me as foolish」were stunned.


「I guess it really wasn’t stupid either way or rather it was you who is quite stupid!」


「Don’t you dare discuss breasts and a person’s height in front of me」


「I understand, please forgive me.」




An agreement.
After all, peace comes first.


「Just so you know, Rosetta’s going to be the one guiding you to the real estate agent.」


「Rosetta, really? You are really kind, are you not!」


「I judge reconsider Rosetta as a kind person」


「Such a thing. It’s not a bother, this is most prosperous thing to do as a knight!」


Then, Rosetta who was lifted up by Aria and Mimily reddened her face.


As a matter of fact, that look is cute, though I can’t seem to understand why guiding us to the real estate agent is a natural thing to do as a knight.


We decided to give Rosetta a ride on the bed as we fly towards the real estate agent.


「What the?…. This is way shameful that I thought it was going to be, how can you be so calm in this situation? Do you train your mentality?」


Since the bed is flying at a low altitude, our point of views is the same as people who are walking.


However, since Rosetta who’s fidgeting looks so pretty, I’ll keep it flying at this phase!


Mimily grasped Rosetta’s hand and they shook on it.


That’s why you’re being stared at.


Honestly, even I’m slightly embarrassed at this.


「I’m already accustomed to this, accustomed! I won’t mind this at the very least!」


Seems like Aria isn’t really interested it seems.
Are her senses of shame broken?


「Since I’m usually ashamed, I’ll just sleep.」


Mimily dives on the mattress and hides entirely to the head.


Except, the fox ears that’s visible outside, is twitching on the spur of the moment.


「Hey, can I touch your ears……?」


Rosetta muttered with a trembling voice while staring at Mimily’s fox ears.


Even a Royal Knight is captivated by Mimily’s fox ears.




「You’re allowed to touch them, however, I dislike it.」


「Then I won’t…. I don’t want this child to hate me anymore…」


Rosetta knew that it’s her defeat dropped her shoulders.
Did you really want to touch it that badly?


「Oh, Tetsuya. Stop the flying bed, that there is the real estate agency.」


「Since… the entrance is huge, I’ll put the bed inside」


「But… I don’t want to walk..」


「Rosetta-san, one by one, you are beginning to be dismayed! I’ll come to respect it conversely and vice versa.」


「It’s been quite some time since I last heard you boast, though it’s not enviable」


While they argued, we enter the real estate agency along with the bed.


The people inside got startled.


「It’s okay, we’re not suspicious at all, wait, though you may have your doubts, we are seriously looking for a room.」


「Haa…. Please come with me」


One of the female staff conversed with me and recommended me to take a seat on a chair.


I don’t know what just happened, whether something occurred, so I’ll just talk to her the same way as other customers do.


Nevertheless, walking several steps towards the chair is difficult starting from the bed.


Oh, that’s right.
I’ve learned the skill『Floating』beforehand.
I should use it.


「Oh! Tetsuya finally decided to float in the air! 100 points!」


While receiving Aria’s tears, my body flew efficiently and flew from the bed to the chair.


Well, I could spend my life without walking doing this!


Wait, no, should I just walk a little bit.


I’m starting to feel sorry for my health.


But however, this level is high, so it’s obviously insignificant to exercise or not.


Eh, let’s just think after the influence of my body.


Among from those, I think I can learn more skills that are all right without exercising!





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